Letting go

Official Hatha Yoga Practitioner. Perhaps lost my focus during the lecture of ‘letting go’? Today I really struggle with it haha. Life… some days are simply better than others.


Beautiful flower, isn’t it? Like the beauty of peacefulness and compassion towards yourself and others…

Embrace not complain

Life: a never-ending rollercoaster of decisions. And how shitty if something doesn’t turn out as expected. Does it have to be shitty though? Or can we make it ‘smell’ great anyway ;-)?

Passion or obsession?

A porridge of childhood food memories, the Very Thin Line between passion and obsession, perfectionism and listening to your intuition.


About the mind, my first experience with yoga and living in the moment.

Ridiculously Delicious Pancake

Without a doubt ridiculously delicious. I ate this pancake 10 days in a row. Gluten- and sugar free. Rich of protein and topped with delicious ingredients.

Crunchy Muesli

Muesli is definitely healthier than cruesli, which often contains mountains of sugar and fat. But honestly, sometimes I have huge cruesli cravings. That’s why I came up with a healthy & gluten-free Muesli recipe with lots of Cruchiness. Best of both worlds 😉