The Challenge of Words

How would it be, if we would not communicate through words? What are words anyway? They are a way of expressing ourselves to others, our emotions. We are trying to translate them into words. Often not even in the words we want to use, but in words which hopefully ‘touch’ the receiver. A challenge which we face every day, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. The day goes by like a wave. There are highs and lows. Moments we experience happiness, touching the receiver. And the lows, when we experience some kind of sadness, not being able to translate an emotion ‘the right’ way. The receiver remains untouched.

There is an urge. The urge to be understood by others.

Every day, we are facing the ‘challenge of words’. The only way to express ourselves. The only way to be understood. But, is it really?

What if we couldn’t speak. What if there wouldn’t be any sound. Nothing, to listen to. What is left for our interpretation? Perhaps a facial expression? Body posture, fragrance?

What if we would allow ourselves complete silence, no distraction. Imagine yourself sitting in front of someone, both with eyes closed. Both with this urge to be understood. To be loved. ‘Love’, the hidden word. Why are we so afraid to be open about it. To be vulnerable.

What if we would turn back time and there would not be such thing as ‘language’? More silence, less distraction. Would we be able to simply feel what is going on inside of others? Would we be able to receive someone’s emotion, one-on-one?

Complex? Or is the Challenge of Words? I leave it up to you to decide.

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