I close my eyes and listen to people’s words, sentences, conversations. What do I notice? That the word ‘maybe’ is always part of the story. Maybe, what do you actually mean?

Google tells me ‘maybe’ is…

  • used to show that something is possible or that something might be true.
  • used to show that a number or amount is approximate.
  • used to avoid giving a clear or certain answer to a question.

One thing they all have in common? They all let you hang in the middle. One thing is for sure: nothing is sure.

Dear Maybe,

Your presence is not making me happy. I will explain you why with a ‘fresh’ example of this Sunday morning. I woke up, all good. Then, I checked my phone. Why? In the hope that two maybes changed into either yes or no. That already freaking annoys me. I don’t want to check my phone each hour because of you. But you seem to be a popular word in our society. Because of one maybe I had to also had to ‘use’ you for someone else.

Checking my phone for the 5th time, I finally have a no. While planning my own day as the other maybe is still a maybe, this maybe suddenly turns out into a yes. I decide to turn it into a no as I am simply fed up with it.

Why is maybe such a popular word? Do we like this uncertainty, unclearity? Well, I personally don’t. Because of maybe, I need to check my phone way more than I would like to do. Everything constantly changes. It got to the point that if a maybe turns into a yes, I still have an unconfident feeling if it will really stay a yes.


Because, if I can count on something, if something is A YES FOR SURE, it relaxes me. There is no need to think about it anymore. It is just how it is. We decided to meet at 2PM at some coffee bar? It will simply stay this way. Why changing it? But it seems with WhatsApp, we constantly change everything. Make our daily schedule even more efficient. Get the most out of it. Another proposal which sounds better? We cancel and reschedule.

My conclusion? If you don’t want to be a toy who gets tossed around by these popular maybes, make ánd stick to your own plan. So you still enjoy the day experiencing real moments. Real moments, which are definitely more fulfilling than waiting until a maybe turns into a yes or no.


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