Rejecting yourself


Being rejected. It does not always have to be covered in words. Rejection can be seen in someone’s attitude towards you, the look in their eyes. Non-verbal communication.

Rejection is painful. You feel you are not accepted the way you are. It makes you doubt yourself. Perhaps you should change something, change yourself.

Rejection can also grow insecurity. Fear, of being who you are.
You create a shield of protection.
Not letting people get too close – not being truly yourself.
Fear, if you would do one of these two things, being left alone again. 

People tell you to become tougher. To not care about what others tell you.
You try, yet, you can’t help caring.
More people tell you to become tougher.
You try, it still does not work.

Can you maybe accept, that you simply care?
That you are a sensitive human-being who cares and wants to be loved?
Being embraced by others, feeling their warmth.
Feeling the comfort and freedom to be who you are.
A space where you can really breathe.

Don’t reject yourself for who you are. Because who you are, is something unique. Something very special.

It’s OK whatever you feel. Happiness, sadness.
Don’t force yourself to be silent if what you need is an embrace and a hug. 

Expression will make you fly. Suppression will make you sick.

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Very glad with your words

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