Brew/Buy Kicking Kombucha

Mindful conscious living

Start brewing or buy 1 Liter Kombucha

Only Euro 3,-

Kombucha brewing happening again, whoeeeeehoeee! First batch bottled today with ginger, curcuma and black pepper. Awesome to boost the immune system. Don’t know about you, but I definitely need this with the cold, windy weather.

Feel like starting off brewing? Let me know and I will provide you with a scoby and easy-peasy instructions. I can also provide you with a 1 Liter bottle for only Euro 3,-

  • Flavors which are always available: fresh ginger, fresh curcuma, black pepper, all of them combined or a combination you prefer.
  • Flavors which are sometimes available: mango, passion fruit, berries or other fruit (simply write me a message to find out).

Simply provide me with a 1 Liter glass bottle and a little bit of time (depending on brewing ‘agenda’ 1-10 days).

Send me a message here and I will get in touch with you soon.

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