Disconnect to Connect

A visualization of my current state of mind on paper. Fear of missing out, pressure that others are expecting an answer instantly. I am 24/7 connected, but am I really? Are you?!

The Challenge of Words

I would not be able to write this blog if words wouldn’t exist. Would there be another way though, to ‘touch’ you?

Emotional experience

Distraction: it’s everywhere. Events, social media, study, work. We keep seeking. What if we stop seeking?

Rejecting yourself

You don’t have to follow the arrow. It’s OK to go another way if you feel like it. Your way.


Stilness. When no distraction, we create distraction. We are looking for stillness within, connection within, yet we keep distracting ourselves. Doing nothing, simplicity. What is it, what keeps telling us it’s not ok?

Shaking-off perfection

Juice fast day 3 it is. Difficult start, thanks to perfectionism. Having faith. Yes Gloria Gaynor, I will survive!

Giving my gut a break

Did you ever give your digestive system a break? Time to heal from the broad variety of food and drinks we give it every day? I am giving it a try. Day one it is!